31 bits LOVE.

Have you all heard of 31 bits?? If not, let me introduce you.

31 bits

A few months back I shared a brief post wearing one of their necklaces and even got to show off my daughter modeling a few bracelets from their kid line “bitsies” (so adorable by the way!).

I happen to have gone to college with the girls who started this company. They are beautiful, driven, and compassionate about helping women rise above poverty in Uganda. I have mad respect for you ladies; it touches another place in your heart when you know that these funds are going towards helping women in need and plain and simple, loving on people.

I was honestly humbled (and so excited!!!) when they asked me to be apart of a new collection they just released: The Classics Collection. I’m honored to have been chosen to represent  “The Fashionista” bracelet which is worn by women who pioneer their way to the latest trends and piece together outfits like a composer creates a song. Which means every one of you needs to get your hands on this trendy, on-point statement piece. Click on the link below to purchase one for yourself while helping empowering women over seas. Hope you love it as much as I do!

The “Fashionista” Bracelet- 31 bits 

1 2 35 647  911

All pictures taken by Ashley Maxwell Photography


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