A day in the life with three kids

A day in the life with three kids… it’s unpredictable, usually chaotic, and lots of fun! Messy fun.

This blog post was written to portray my kids’ every day wear and initially I wanted to share some cute, posed, and put-together shots of my kids in their outfits. And we got a few but WHEW! We had to work for them. big time. That one below of all three kids somewhat smiling… what you can’t see is me jumping up and down making Ace Ventura animal noises 🙂 Attempting to take pictures of three little kids (particularly all together) is not an easy task. I’ve realized you can’t go into family pictures or any pictures with kids for that matter, with any type of plan. That plan will almost always go out the window! So you just roll with it…

A day in the life with three kids… lots of running, wrestling, playing, falling, NOT looking at the camera, usually some tears, fits being thrown, and lots of laughter. One minute they’re hugging, the next they’re crying (see example picture 1 & 2 below…)

My daughter is a girly girl to the T (as far as her clothing goes). She will almost always pick out a dress or skirt to wear. She is not a big fan of Winter as she hates jeans/pants and begs to wear a skirt and sandals every day of the year. Sometimes we roll with it, sometimes we don’t 🙂 This outfit from Bloomingdales is perfect because it’s bright, fun, girly (look at those frills on her sleeves!), and easy breezy. She picked this out and it has her name written all over it! I love that Bloomingdales offers options that are more unique, like something you’d find in a boutique. Their pieces tend to be more eye-catching and one of a kind.

As far as my boys go- you will almost always find them in some sort of graphic tee, tank, joggers, and either sneakers or natives (our favorite for Spring/Summer-time). Brooklyn also LOVES to match Jude (so cute huh?!) and asks to wear the same thing almost every chance he gets. I thought that was only girls? Nope! So I’m taking advantage of the matching days while I can! I love it.

Bloomingdales has great options when it comes to sneakers or shoes! Adidas or Nike are usually are go-to’s. We picked these ones for the boys because they’re so easy to get on (Brooklyn is entering into that independent stage) and they go with everything! Brooklyn also has these Adidas sneakers which come in a few different colors.

Kids clothes:

Other options:

This post was sponsored by Bloomingdales, however, all opinions are completely my own. 


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1 Comment
  • alena
    April 25, 2017

    Love that your photos are more casual and give a better idea of the kiddos’ personalities! They are waay too cute!

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A day in the life with three kids