A story of faith over fear- Cade Joshua Zick

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Today we celebrated/showered my best friend and her baby girl. A little history- her and her husband have THREE boys and she has prayed for little Chloe Rose from day one.

It’s sort of ironic that we celebrate life on this day as two days ago was one of the scariest days this family has yet to face. Every parents worst nightmare happened to them. In a freak accident, their youngest son Cade (18 months) was literally run over and parked on top of by a car. Long story short, this baby boy is a walking miracle! No exaggeration here, he walked away from the hospital with only one scratch on his ankle. No blood, no bruises, no internal bleeding or damage.

Cait wrote about this story on her blog and I thought it was one that needed to be shared with many- a story of faith, miracles, and overall God’s goodness. Head to the link below for the full story…





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A story of faith over fear- Cade Joshua Zick