Adidas + 5 Stops to Make in Kauai

I’ve been a huge fan of Adidas for a while now. I love that they’re making a comeback and find myself  looking at their newest arrivals to see what other goodies I can add to my wardrobe. Specifically anything comfy that can be worn any day of the week like this sweatshirt, this sweatshirt, and this $24 hat (comes in 4 colors).

I’ve had these shoes for about a year now and have gotten so much use out of them. I have two go-to shoes for working out and these are one of them. They’re extremely comfortable and worth every penny. Go down 1/2 size. Here’s a cheaper option (comes in five different colors). Also really loving this tan color!

I buy a lot of my athleisure wear from Nordstrom as 1. they’re always up to date with the trends 2. I can always guarantee that if I happen to change my mind, something doesn’t fit right, or I just want to return it period, I won’t run into any issues.

These are almost identical to the shorts I’m wearing below (same brand too) – I LOVE working out in these types of shorts. Loving this trend.

Also just recently picked up this Adidas sports bra and love it!

Unfortunately it looks like the jacket I’m wearing below just sold out, but I will keep you guys posted if it gets restocked!

On a different note, my husband and I just recently got back from Kauai (as in, I’m sitting in the Seattle Airport on a layover writing this blog post) and had an amazing time away celebrating our ten year anniversary. Below are the top five thing we’d recommend you do/see if you venture to Kauai…

  1. Small Town Coffee Kauai – Kauai has some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Most of the coffee shops brew local coffee and it’s amazing! Extremely fresh and rich. This particular shop had great reviews and it didn’t disappoint!
  2. Secret Beach – aka Kauapea beach. You’ll have to google how to get here as it’s not on the map. I believe it was a local hidden gem until the word got out. It requires a short hike to get to the beach – a little steep but definitely doable.
  3. Not a ‘spot’ but drive around and explore random side streets/dirt roads. We stumbled upon some gorgeous scenery we wouldn’t have seen otherwise including this little gem of a spot we took pictures at below. People live on this street – unreal right?!
  4. The Bistro (probably our favorite dinner spot)
  5. St. Regis for their breakfast buffet – The views, the food, the atmosphere – It was all unbelievable! One of those places you want to just sit and enjoy for a few hours.



Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, however all opinions are completely my own



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