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Hey guys!

First off- YAY!!!!! If you haven’t noticed by now… my site has gone through a MAJOR face lift and I am SO happy with the way it turned out! It’s so much easier to navigate within, not to mention it’s way more user friendly and appealing to the eye. I’d say it’s kinda like it transitioned from a PC to a MAC… MAC’s are just way cooler.

Also, I wanted to point out- I JUST created (seriously so behind on this) a Facebook, and twitter, both linked to my accounts. You’d make my day if you could head over & like or follow either one!

Since I haven’t talked about my soon-to-be newest little guy on here very much, I thought it’d be fun to do a little preggo quiz… It’s kinda fun to look back on these moments and reminisce when he’s two, wild, and not so little anymore.

Name: Jude Nathan Cole (we named him after his uncles, both my husband and I have brothers named Nathan)
How far along? 28 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: I’ve gained 12 lbs. so far (gained 20 total with my first two)
Maternity clothes? DEFINITELY wearing maternity pants/jeans… no way I could make my non-preggo ones work. I wear some maternity tops and some not… I just go up a size or buy longer tops, those are my favorite finds.
Stretch marks? Nope (and Thank you Jesus!)
Sleep: Need more of it. I struggle with that pregnancy insomnia… like, why am I awake? I can’t figure it out sometimes.
Best moment this week: Well, it’s about to happen. My husband just texted to let me know he’s on his way & bringing me a large vanilla shake from McDonalds (my FAVorite!)
Have you told family and friends: 😉 yes.
Movement: This boy is a mover & a shaker. He is definitely the strongest of all three! I’m crossing my fingers this isn’t a foreshadow of his personality ;)))
Food cravings: I’m weird- I don’t really experience cravings with my pregnancies… except for ice-cream almost every night, but that’s nothing out of my ordinary non-preggo self.
Have you started to show yet: I actually feel like I might be the smallest with this one but I’m not sure. Guessing by his movements, I’d say he’s bigger though. We’ll see!
Gender prediction: I totally thought girl and my husband thought boy…. in the long run, I know adding a boy is the perfect addition!
Labor Signs: I’ve already started having some braxton hicks but nothing painful. They say everything happens quicker and stronger the more pregnancies you have… I can testify this is so true in every way!
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Ha! A mixture of both I’d say (don’t ask my husband 😉
Weekly Wisdom: don’t hesitate and BUY TUMS if you have heartburn! I don’t know what took me so long but I’ve had such bad heartburn with this one… like morning, afternoon, and nights. I couldn’t seem to shake it until I finally gave in and bought/took them. Not sure why I waited so long!
Milestones: Just started my third trimester… here we go!

A few recent pictures of me & little Jude… these were taken last week when it was POURING rain outside… looks like El Nino might just hit the west coast after all!

{shop all items below pictures}

Pictures: Ashley Maxwell Photography 


Lip color: Flat Out Fabulous

Shoes: I linked two different places because they’re selling out like hot cakes EVERYWHERE! I wear them about every other day even though a. they’re heels (and that is so not me!) b. it’s Winter (but who cares- they’re adorable & go with everything!)

p.s. I thought it would be fun to answer any questions you guys might have about my pregnancy or pregnancy in general- Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer or give my personal opinion!




  1. January 13, 2016 / 7:56 am

    Beautiful pictures mama!! following your new social media too! congrats on your blog face lift, it’s always nice to have things all organized and pretty!

    • ellabrooksblog
      January 14, 2016 / 2:00 pm

      Thanks so much for all of your support, Andrea! After all, you’re one of the first ones who inspired me. Thanks for the all the love!

  2. Torey beerman
    January 13, 2016 / 11:29 am

    Thanks for sharing about where you’re at right now! Always nice to get to know you more 🙂

    • ellabrooksblog
      January 14, 2016 / 2:00 pm

      🙂 Thank you, Torey!

  3. January 13, 2016 / 12:30 pm

    Yay!! I just love this post makes me think back to my pregnancy days and it’s so fun to read all the crazy things that happen and you worry about with your first or second but by the time the 3rd babe comes you can sit back and relax a little and just be like … Ahah it’s ok I’ve seen it all before!! Love the new blog look xoxo you look fabulous as always !!

    • ellabrooksblog
      January 14, 2016 / 2:01 pm

      Thank you girl! It’s so true… by the third, I’m hoping he gets a bath on the regular 😉

  4. Kayla
    January 13, 2016 / 6:03 pm

    You look great! Do you work out through your pregnancies? I am 11 weeks and would love to only gain 20 pounds lol!

    • ellabrooksblog
      January 14, 2016 / 2:03 pm

      Hi Kayla! I actually don’t (and totally wish I would have started and stuck with it, now it’s too late!)… I’m actually kind of an odd bird when it comes to my pregnancies. Instead of indulging in mountains of food, I tend to eat less so I’m sure that has something to do with a lower weight gain. I can’t complain but I sure do miss some good food sometimes!

  5. Laura
    January 28, 2016 / 12:03 pm

    Hello. I’m loving this look but loving the fact even more that I MIGHT not have to even walk into a fitting room to snag a dress for my baby shower. I’m at 29 weeks and have been following you along the way for maternity outfit inspiration! Did you order your normal size in this forever 21 dress or go up a size? Almost baby time, YAY!!!

    • ellabrooksblog
      January 30, 2016 / 9:47 pm

      Hi there! Aw, thank you so much! I ordered a size up. Pretty much everything I’m buying these days (that isn’t technically maternity), I go with a size Large (I’m usually a Medium). Hope that helps 🙂

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