Bonding through Water Play + Do my kids really get along?!

Siblings… they love and fight hard. I think the same can be said about all siblings in every household. The same goes in ours 🙂

Ella is your typical first born. She is a leader, nurturing, and always looking out for her brothers. I’ve said it before but her and Jude have quite a special bond. They are SO much alike it’s kind of freaky. Brooklyn?! He’s kind of his own in every way. Whereas Ella and Jude take more after me, Brooklyn is so so SO much like his dad. From the way he looks to the way he acts, there’s no question he is his mini me! And although he is quite the charmer, and such a lover at heart, he is all boy. So much so that the tackling and wrestling is in full force in our home and Jude isn’t so happy about it 🙂 Jude is on the bigger side so we’re always warning Brooklyn that he’s going to beat him up once he gets bigger. Joking of course, but it sure get’s Brooklyn all fired up which leads to more tackling and “annoyance”.

All in all, our kiddos really do love each other as they look out for one another and always have each other’s backs. I hope it always stays this way!

One of the activities we do a ton as a family in the Summertime is frequent our nearby water park. We live within walking distance to it so we are there all.the.time. Our kiddos love to bring along a few buckets and random toys to play with in the water. It’s been fun to watch Jude get in on the action and see them interact and bond through water play. Whether it’s Ella holding/dragging Jude along ( I cringe watching her hold him but you’d be surprised- that girl will not drop him!), or Brooklyn dumping buckets of water over Jude’s head over and over again (true story), I love these little moments of sibling bonding and fun. Thanks to Huggies Little Swimmers, Jude’s diapers don’t swell as they are made specifically for the water. This helps him focus on the fun being had with his brother & sister.

As you may know, I’m joining Huggies, Michael Phelps, and babies all around this Summer to talk about #Trainingfor2032″. Training” (aka: learning how to swim or become comfortable in the water) will look different for all babies, from running through sprinklers in the backyard to a day at the beach to visiting a nearby water park. For any occasion, Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim pants allow babies to make the most of their time in the water and focus on fun. Check out how Michael Phelps & his little guy, Boomer, are #trainingfor2032 and don’t forget to use this coupon for your next purchase of Huggies Little Swimmers.



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Bonding through Water Play + Do my kids really get along?!