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Oh Pinterest, what would we do without you??! Every year I tell myself this is the last birthday I am going “all out” for and EVERY year I find myself doing it, again and again. I’m not sure why- You’d think all of those late nighter’s or 12am CVS runs (for eggs {Thanks babe!!!}) might do me in… but nope, I’m over here browsing through Pinterest once again to decide what next year’s theme will be.

Back to this year… I wanted to do something surrounding the world of sports, because like I mentioned in a previous post, we’re a little sports crazy over here… particularly dad. He played football all throughout High school & College so naturally I went that route. We’re also huge fans of the 49er’s (woot woot!) so I tied that in as well… can’t ever go wrong there!

Enough rambling- below are some pictures I took from one of my favorite parties yet… celebrating my  one-year-old of a stud, Brooklyn Jay!












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