Comforts Diapers + Life lately with Jude boy

Life with Jude the dude. Jude boy. Jude Nathan (he hears that when he’s in trouble & just stares at me like I’m crazy)…

This boy you guys 😉 he’s a wild one! He turned 18 months a few weeks ago and has so.much.personality! He reminds us SO much of his sister in both looks and personality. If you’ve watched my insta-stories you’ve probably seen how he babbles all day long. I swear he really thinks he is saying something with the amount of passion and determination he has. And if you talk back to him, he’ll talk back to you over and over again like you’re actually having a conversation. Well, we are… just baby talk coming from one end. We do it all day long! But he still will not say one real word- not one! He used to say ball (pronounced “ba”) but he’s even ditched that one. He won’t even say mama or dada. He just looks at me like I’m crazy when I ask him to say it. Again, Ella was the same way (well I think she was actually saying Mama and Dada by this point but not much more) so we aren’t too concerned. Every baby develops differently and I’m so glad I’ve raised two other kids to recognize that and not freak out when they’re “suppose” to be hitting a milestone. So don’t stress if you’re in the same boat! I’d definitely listen to your doctor’s advice, but even then sometimes they’re a little off because they legally have to tell you where they’re “suppose” to be- ya know?

We’re also in full on tantrum mode now and I know a lot of it is related to his lack of communication skills. Espeically since he’s so strong willed and wants so badly to communicate. So we do our best to communicate in other ways! Despite his stubbornness, I’m trying to soak up every ounce of this stage. When it’s your last baby, you want to take it all in and then some. I’m already realizing he’s almost a toddler and it makes me a little bit sad. I’m always excited for the next stage, but something about that little baby/people stage is just fun.

We recently discovered and tried out a new (and improved) brand of diapers called Comforts which can be found and bought at all Kroger Family of Stores. We love the fun new patterns they offer and were pleased with the overall feel and softness of the product. They do run a little large in my opinion so I would size down. Below are a few pictures of us playing, reading books, throwing fits 🙂 , and loving life in just our Comforts diaper! Jude would prefer to be clothes free any day.

If you’re interested in trying them out, click on this link for a coupon! I never say no to coupons for diapers 🙂


Thank you to Kroger for sponsoring this post. All opinions are completely my own! 





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Comforts Diapers + Life lately with Jude boy