Diaper Bag Love

Doing what I do, I get a lot of products sent to me to test out for personal reviews. And I LOVE love love when it ends up being something I can absolutely brag about because 1. it makes my job easy (ha!) and 2. I love finding a how-did-i-live-without-this product that I can share with you all! … Meet the Fawn Design diaper bag / backpack.

Hands down the most well-made diaper bag I’ve come across. It is extremely practical, especially if you have multiples (kids), as you can throw it on to wear as a backpack. It’s also super easy to find what you’re looking for (must have to do with the way it’s made) and that my friends is KEY right there!

They typically carry their standard colors in stock (black, brown, gray) and come out with a limited edition here and there, like the blush one I am wearing below. They literally JUST released blush this morning on their website and within one hour they SOLD OUT! HOWEVER!!! They have one more set aside for one of YOU! Head on over to my Instagram to enter the giveaway live now – February 9!

I contemplated going for blush because it’s a more feminine color and I have a baby boy- but my husband assured me it doesn’t have to go hand in hand? is he right??! Either way, I loved it because I’m into all things blush right now and picked up both the blush and black (can’t go wrong there!) (p.s. How many times can I say blush lol!)

My husband has also used it (the black one ;)) as a camera bag and is completely comfortable with rocking it- so ladies, don’t be afraid to let your husbands carry your bag for you every once in a while. No shame there! & word on the street is there have been sitings of Ashton Kutcher wearing one… yep!

Thanks Fawn Design for creating a diaper bag that I can brag about all around! Mama’s check them out!

Thank you to Fawn Design for sponsoring this post. 





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