Disneyland Recap

Well we survived ;))) I always say going on vacation with kids is never really a true vacation. If you’re a mom, you totally get what I mean. And if you’re not yet… just wait 😉 I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation and this trip was no exception. I actually came down with a bad head cold a few days before we left for our trip so going into it a little lethargic with not as much energy was a little bit of a bummer. On the bright side, we had sooooooo so much fun! How can you not?! Sick or not- it’s Disneyland people!!!! & Disneyland with kids is magic all around. It’s funny because both my husband and I were never Disney fanatics until we had kids. I mean, like, I didn’t enjoy going to Disneyland- that much of a non-fanatic 🙂 And then we had kids and everything changed. Seeing the magic through their eyes has got to be one of my top favorite things in life. Watching your kids experience true joy (at least to them) is seriously the best!

Disneyland actually just upped their ticket prices which is absolutely nuts in my opinion, however, it’s Disneyland and they will never lack for ticket sales. Ever. I swear that place gets more popular and busier by the year. We ended up getting our tickets through Parksavers which saved us quite a bit of money in the end! If you’re looking for a good deal on Disneyland/Disneyworld tickets, be sure to check out their website to save you a good chunk of money on both park passes and hotel packages. Can’t thank you guys enough!

By the way- Park Savers is giving away a TWO night stay at a Disney hotel over on my Instagram. Head over over to my Instagram account at Ellabrooksblog and enter if you haven’t already! Giveaway details are listed on the picture of my daughter twirling in her red skirt on the streets of Disney (also pictured below)… giveaway ends on Friday, 12/11.

Here is a little recap of our trip in pictures…




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  • christianne
    December 10, 2015

    Beautiful family! Great post dear.
    Xo, Christianne

    • Melcali05
      December 10, 2015

      Thank you!! xo

  • Alison
    December 10, 2015

    It looks amazing! We’re going next year (our first time) and I can’t wait! Though we’ll be taking a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old so it will definitely not be a holiday for us!

    • Melcali05
      December 10, 2015

      haha- I get it. Completely! But watching the joy on your kids faces will almost override the “non-vacation” 😉 It’s seriously priceless! Hope you guys have a great time!!!

  • Andrea Worley
    December 10, 2015

    We love Disney, and like you really didn’t get much into it until after we had kids. We’ve been the last two summers and if I lived in SoCal I’d for sure have year passes! Glad you had such a great trip.

  • Jinny
    December 29, 2016

    Love your Disney pics! We are taking our 1 1/2 & 3 1/2 year olds next month & id love recommendation(s) on where to stay? Preferably 2 bedroom suites, kid pools & a short walk to the park?

    Thank you for your time!!!

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Disneyland Recap