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I threw up a poll on my Insta stories asking if ya’ll would be interested to seeing the top purchases from 2017 and 90% of you said yes! These are all of the top purchases suggested by me at one point or another in 2017. If you’re wondering how I gather this data, LiketoKnow.it, the platform I use for linking my outfits, tracks all of this info for us and we are able to pull stats depending on what we are specifically looking for. I thought it would be fun to share the top ten items you all have purchased. Warning: Almost every single one of them is sold out 😉 Ahhh! But, that just goes to show how loved they were by not only you but others as well. If something is sold out, I linked the most similar item I could find. And even if you don’t end up buying it, I still think it’s fun to see what the hottest items are. Some of them were on the cheaper end and some of them were on the more expensive, so it’s all over the map!

  1. The #1 purchased item this year was this pullover (in brown & shown in the picture above. It’s currently sold out but they have re-stocked a few times so be sure to check back). My picture was reposted by LiketoKnow.it (which reaches 2.7 million people), so even though I’m sure a lot of you purchased it, the purchases on this one are a little swayed. It is hands down the comfiest sweatshirt/jacket (really though- which one is it?! I keep going back and forth…) I own. AND extremely warm too! It fits oversized but I personally wouldn’t size down. Stick to whatever size you typically are. It’s meant to fit that way.
  2. Next are these leggings. They also come in this cute rust color that I totally want to buy (I don’t know why, but I’m buying everything in this color!). I wear a size Small in this brand.
  3. #3 is this satchel in grey. Also comes in black, blue, and taupe. It was released and marked down during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and sold out a number of times. I think the sale point is the main reason this was a top seller. I also love the suede/leather detail! So so cute.
  4. Next are these jeans (I was shocked to see them in stock- thought they were gone!). This was another hot commodity from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (If you’re unsure what this sale is- every July Nordstrom releases NEW Fall/Winter apparel at a discounted price for about a month. According to your sales, you all love it as much as me 🙂 I post a TON about it during the sale so heads up for this year!) I wore a size 27 in these. I believe they were marked down to $37 which is why they were flying off the shelves 🙂
  5. My favorite curling wand! This one isn’t cheap, but there were a few sales that I shared this year that made it more affordable and I think that’s when a lot of you jumped the gun! I love this wand because it heats up fast, gives the perfect curls/waves, and is easily interchangeable so you can use various size wands. It’s also ceramic to help with less damage.
  6. Loved these simple, yet cheap and functional sandals. I think they were $30. Hopefully they’ll come back in stock but if not, I’m sure they’ll release something very similar. No surprise here!
  7. Another favorite from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was this simple tee. It fits a little bit oversized and I love the slits on both sides. It’s still available in four different colors!
  8. Next are these snow boots that were at one point marked down to $73 (originally $180) – now that is a killer deal! I posted a ton about this sale so it’s no surprise to me that so many of you bought them. I loooooove mine! FYI- I went up half a size for comfort. I’ll be sure to share if I ever see a sale on them again!
  9. One of my personal favorites, and yours too! These leggings are hands down THE BEST out there! As a mom and someone who works from home a lot, I live in leggings. I’ve bought, tried, and worn a ton and nothing compares to these. They are extremely flattering, do not stretch out, will last you a long time, and are worth every penny. I always share when I see a deal on these because as you see, they’re super popular!… I sized up to a Medium in these as the Small would be too short on me (I’m about 5’9). There are mixed reviews on sizing but I would suggest to size up!
  10. Last but not least, this kimono was a huge hit! I thought about keeping it because I love it so much but I’m trying my best to let go of things because I’ve realized that some of you aren’t happy when I post cute things that aren’t for sale anymore 😉 I’m partially kidding, but it’s kind of true. So, I’m actually selling this over on Poshmark right now! Poshmark is a website where people like you and me can list our pre-loved clothing items, accessories, purses, shoes, etc. for sale. I will be using this site from here on out to sell a lot of items I share with you all so be sure to follow me so you can scoop up some goods at a cheaper price! This is the oh-so-popular kimono…

Were you guys shocked by the top 10?! A few of them surprised me but a lot of these items are staples in my closet so I’m happy to hear you all love them too!




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  • sirma
    January 15, 2018

    Not suprised;)
    You have casual but special style and i find those 10 items perfectly fitting in those lines.

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Ella Brooks Blog Top Purchases from 2017