Future Self

Today I’m partnering with Clinique and the #FaceForward program to help bring insight into your future self/goals.

“If you could give your future self any advice, what would it be?” Would you encourage yourself to dream more, live louder, take risks, always go a step farther than your comfort zone? Or would you focus more on slowing down and learning to enjoy the journey rather than the destination?

It’s definitely a toss up for me. If I could find myself at the peak of these two- that’s where I’d want to be. There is positive and beauty to both life goals, it’s how we choose to balance our lives while living out our goal that makes all the difference.

Naturally, being a type A personality, I find myself always going, always thinking, and always “on”. And while I find so much good and joy in the accomplishments or tasks I’ve completed because of my natural drive, MAN, it can be exhausting at times! I’ve found myself completely wore out and hit rock bottom at times that I could have prevented it had I learned what living a balanced life looks like. Shoot, I’m still learning!

I wasn’t a natural born dreamer. In fact, most of my life I was always the person that didn’t have goals or dreams. I remember looking down upon my self at times wishing I’d dream more and go after things that seemed so out of reach. But you know, I’ve learned that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, a lot of the happiest, most content people in life are those who have learned to just enjoy the journey. To go on an adventure or take risks in life every once in a while, sure, but to actually truly enjoy the simpleness of day to day life- these are the people who have found their sweet spot and aren’t looking to others or things or accomplishments for their joy in life.

My two little kiddos keep me dreaming about how to be a better mom yet keep me grounded on enjoying the journey in life. They also bring a whole new meaning to the importance of learning to live a healthy, balanced life. I can only hope and pray that my future self will have LOVED hard and learned new and better ways of parenting these two precious souls.



So, what are your goals?? What would you tell your future self? If you’ve taken anything from this, I’d hope it’s that whatever you choose to work towards, that you find true contentment in it, and that you find the right balance in YOUR life… because once you’ve found that sweet spot- life is invigorating, joyous, and worth living for.

This post is sponsored by Clinique and the #FaceForward program although all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!





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Future Self