Gift Guide for HIM

Gift Guide for HIM

What to buy him?!… the question I ponder year after year & still haven’t conquered!

I’ve mentioned it before but my husband is quite the fashion expert himself. I know a lot of wives that “dress” their husbands…. yeah, not me. He knows what he likes & he goes for it (and I’d say he’s on point about 90% of the time 😉 ) Every once in a while I’ll see him browsing fashion tips from Justin Bieber and that’s when things go a little haywire… let’s stick to David Beckham and Ryan Gosling, babe.

I asked him to look through his favorite stores online & pick out some personal picks for a men’s gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for your man, your dad, your brother, or your friend- hopefully one or a few of things will be just what they want/need. If you’re looking for fashion forward trends, you’re in the right spot!




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