Girls Fall Style: Target Edition

Let’s be real… what girl doesn’t like the word “Target”?! There are so many positive connotations associated with this word. The endless joy Target brings to every moms life in so many ways on the weekly and often times on the daily. And what’s funny is Target brings my kids just as much joy. Just this past week my son was bored at home and we asked him what he wanted to do. I think you know where this is going ;)… Can we go to Target mom? It’s like a second Disneyland for everyone in the fam.

Every year I stock up on staples for my kids at Target. I almost always walk by the clothing section and quickly browse to see if there is anything that’s caught my eye or stands out. I usually leave with at least one to two kids clothing pieces in the mix of my mound of weekly finds.

Today I’m sharing a few fun, trendy, and Fall inspired finds from the girls section. My daughter is now a tween (as crazy as that sounds) and loves everything cropped and 90’s. It’s so cute watching her form her own style and see what she loves to pick out to wear. Sometimes I step in, other times I don’t. But we both agreed that there were quite a few cute pieces currently on sale (20% off clothing, shoes, & accessories for the family) at Target and we bought about half of the finds below for Ella to wear this Fall/Winter.

Scroll to the bottom to view/shop all of our favorites currently available to shop at Target! Tons of great finds at affordable prices!



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*Huge thank you to Target for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own*


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Girls Fall Style: Target Edition