How I Edit My Pictures

Hey guys!

I’ve gotten this question SO much recently that I thought it would be smart to write it all out for you. You may have noticed the pictures I’ve been sharing on my Instagram the past couple of weeks have had more contrast/color. I recently bought about five presets from @meg_legs and LOVE THEM! Click the link in her bio to purchase. Another one I purchased and used for a bit was by @tezzamb – My husband and I are obsessed with her/her husband’s photography. Out of this world. Her presets are amazing, too. Just a little bit too dull/washed out for my personal preference.

Before & After with @meg_legs preset (Shot with an iPhone 7)

I also used the Facetune app (talked about below) to smooth out my tanning mishap on my legs 😉 and the PS Express app (also talked about below) to remove the water on the ground. I’m just weird about that kind of stuff.

The idea is to try and stick to a theme as much as possible (although I hadn’t really done that up until now sooooooo)… is it a must in the influencer world? No. But I do believe it can only benefit you. I struggled to find my niche for so long because photography can be a tricky thing. There are so many different factors that go into it and lighting is a huge one. I was choosing a variety of filters based on lighting and just couldn’t seem to find something that I loved. Until I stumbled upon these. After I apply the pre-set, I edit it a bit according to the lighting/colors etc.

There are a couple of ways you can do it. After you’ve bought, downloaded, and applied the preset to your picture, you can edit it to your liking within photoshop on your computer. You can also copy/paste the pre-sets to your picture within the lightroom app on your phone, but it’s too long of an explanation for me to share how to do that. I’m sure google could be your friend here 🙂

If you don’t want to buy pre-sets, I highly recommend using the free app VSCO. The best thing to do is to (once again) purchase all of the filter sets. I believe its around $30 but IMO is sooooo worth it. You’re going to have to invest a little bit of $$$ if you want to create photo magic. Some of the best filters are ones you have to purchase. A few of my go-to’s were the #’s 6,7,8, 10. The A’s. C7, C8, C9. And occasionally other ones. But I stuck to those the most. Again, play around with it and find what you like. I tend to like lots of contrast, color, and vibrancy. I don’t like my pictures super bright.


A few other free apps that are great for editing pictures are…

1.Facetune- Smoothing out images, whitening teeth (yes, it’s a thing and people do it), and minor editing

2. PicTapGo- Lighten/darken pictures, take out yellow tones, add color, etc.

3. PS Express- Remove minor mishaps or objects, minor editing

4. UNUM- Helps you see how your pictures line up in your feed

Hope this helps! XO


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  • Daisy
    May 11, 2018

    Hi, also what kind of lenses do you use on your camera ? Which i think make a big difference in photography as well. I love how sharp they are. Thank you!!

    • ellabrooksblog
      June 4, 2018

      They can make a big difference but I think people under estimate the iPhone camera. So many of the pictures I share on my Instagram feed and blog are taken/shot with my iPhone. A lot of it is the lighting/editing.
      For the pictures shot with our Canon camera, we use a 24/70 2.8 lens.

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How I Edit My Pictures