How to Successfully take Pictures with Kids

Today’s post covers a question I get quite frequently. How do you get such great pictures of your kids? How do you capture all of your kids smiling? etc. – it’s definitely no small task and we aren’t successful every time, however there are a few tricks we use that help us capture those perfect moments. As always, kids will be kids, and there really is no way of guaranteeing you’ll get what took you all day to prep for, set up, and/or pray for 😉 ha! If you are a parent, you know exactly what I’m talking about. BUT, hopefully these tips will help you feel like you succeeded at the end of the day!


  1. I think this is the most important thing to remember and it might contradict your thoughts, but don’t go for the perfect picture. Bring your expectations down. Sometimes the most perfect pictures are the ones that aren’t so perfect. A picture of one of your kids crying, making a silly face or gesture that is specific to them, whatever it is- these are the very things that make a picture perfect in my opinion because it captures them just as they are. It tells a story. While a picture of all three of my kids smiling is a keeper, the imperfect ones seem to be my favorite. It’s what perfectly depicts them and brings out so much in a picture. The perfectly posed ones are just that, a little too posed in my opinion. Run with the crazy and capture it! After all, that is true life with kids.
  2. Take a lot of pictures. I mean, A LOT. See all of the “perfect” pictures we captured below? We took  close to 400 pictures to get these. You want to take a lot and all at once. This doesn’t just pertain to taking pictures of kids but if you’re a fashion blogger or do something similar to me, this is a great rule to go by! Take a lot of pictures all at once. You will end up with 100 pictures looking almost the same, but there will be a few in there that will be the keepers, and that’s how you’ll get them.
  3. Give your kids a prop. Do they have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal? Chances are your kid will react a lot better in these types of situation when they feel comforted or more at ease. I also love the personal touch this adds. Again, it’s the little things captured that really make the picture perfect. If all else fails, hand out the lollipops! They work like a charm almost every time for us and again they add a personal touch/story to the picture.
  4. Bribery. While this falls along the lines of giving them lollipops, you can always let them know that if they decide to behave well during pictures, they will be rewarded with some type of treat… candy, ice cream, a trip to the park. Whatever works!
  5. Accessories. Pile on the accessories. Like these rain boots Brooklyn has on below, a beanie, a tutu, lipstick for girls,  a big bow, something fun that pops and catches your eye. All of these things will add the “wow” factor.
  6. Be silly. Make faces in the back (that’s how we captured some of the pictures below) or jump up and down and act like a crazy person. Seriously, it works 🙂 Try it!
  7. Interact with your kids. If you’re taking pictures with them, don’t just tell them to stand there and smile. That’s going to actually make them throw a fit, cry, or frown guaranteed 😉 Get down on their level, throw them in the air, play ring around the rosy, do whatever you have to do to get their mind off of the fact that they’re taking pictures. This will help tremendously! Get them in the “play” state and you’ll probably capture some great shots.
  8. Try to take pictures more often. No doubt my kids have their “bad” days where they don’t want to smile or just simply take a picture. But because we do it so often, they probably act better than the average kid taking a picture. It’s become more normal for them. Again, have fun with taking pictures and try to portray it in a fun way, this way they don’t roll their eyes or instantly cop an attitude the moment they see you pulling out your phone or camera.


I posted a few teasers of my kiddos outfits & so many of you DM’ed me asking where everything was from. We partnered with Gymboree to show you guys some of their new Fall styles for baby/kids. Honestly, I am majorly impressed! They have stepped up their game big time and I had trouble narrowing down which outfits to pick for this post because there were so many cute things to choose from. I love that they have a variety of options that you can mix and match. They have a ton of bright, fun, and color options along with more neutrals/basics for matching. While my kiddos wear uniforms to school, these would be great pieces to shop from for those whose kids can wear anything to school. Cute, trendy, and great quality too.

Ella’s Outfit: Sweatshirt | leggings | boots

Brooklyn’s Outfit: Henley | jacket | jeans | rain boots

Judes Outfit: Henley | pants | boots

Ella loved her leggings so much I think we’re going to order a few more pairs. She’s very particular when it comes to her clothing being comfy and just the right fit. And how stinking cute is her pom pom sweatshirt? Obsessed! And it’s currently on major sale! In fact, everything is! Such a great time to stock up on Fall/Winter finds. I just ordered a few pajamas from there because their patterns are SO cute and we were in need!

They’ve also come out with the new and free Made You Smile app which allows you to enter to win prizes. Every time you shop in store, you’re guaranteed to win a prize! Find out more at


Thank you Gymboree for sponsoring this post. All opinions are completely my own. 









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