11 years married today💕💕💕
Grabbed breakfast, got our nails done ;), massages, painted our first shiplap wall (the true test of marriage...), and now headed to dinner. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s 1000% worth it because it makes today that much more sweeter than the beginning. Love you babe🥂🖤✨🎨
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11 years married today💕💕💕 Grabbed...

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Classic Mel😉 This cute coat...

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Full look at today’s OOTD🖤...

The perks of working together - “lunch meeting” 😊 #nonottlikethat #likefood #eating

The perks of working together...

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Literally obsessed with this blazer😻...

#sundayswiththecoles 🖤 Can we all take  a second to appreciate that huge genuine grin on Jude’s face😍😍😍 #judemood is feeling life today💃🏼👏🏻✨Ps- had to include our self time fail👌🏻
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#sundayswiththecoles 🖤 Can we all...

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Fresh hair✨✨ thanks to my...

The perks of being the baby...
1. Mom and dad rarely say no
2. You get treated like a baby even when you’re no longer a baby 
3. When you fight with your siblings & everyone gets in trouble- you always win🥇
4. You get away with going barefoot👣 amongst other things because by the last, as long as they’re alive🙌🏻
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The perks of being the...

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☕️ at one of my...

Ideas: What to Wear for Family Pictures

What to wear for Family pictures?! This is a very popular question, particularly around this time of the year. We take our Christmas pictures next weekend and I’m still mulling over a few different ideas in my head trying to decide which way to go. So this post comes at a perfect time! #totallyprocrastinating

(Our Christmas family pics from last year)

There are a few different things to consider when deciding what to wear for Family Pictures (I’m going to go with the Christmas theme since it’s currently that time of the year).

  1. Setting – I will almost always recommend to shoot outdoors in some type of nature/scenic area. With that comes the ability to layer different pieces, giving off that Winter Christmas-y feel.
  2. Decide on a color scheme. I’d recommend to choose one color and go from there. Personally, I tend to always lean towards the traditional red/gold/black feel. However, there are many different color schemes you can choose from. Here are a few options…
    1. Red/Gold/Black/Grey/Metallic
    2. Yellow/Gold/Navy Blue/Tan
    3. Tan/White/Navy/Dark Grey/Mustard Yellow
  3. Split up all of the colors- Don’t pick out the same red plaid button up for all three of your boys. Mix and match. The more variety, the better the overall look!
  4. Layer and accessorize – This one is key! Accessorizing and adding in those layers will bring personality and uniqueness to your pictures. I always say that you can get away with way more in pictures than you can in real life. Yes, you can over accessorize, but I would play on the side of over-accessorizing than not at all. This is where you can get creative! Scarfs, hats, boots, headbands, beanies, vests, a bright red hat. Throw on some Hunter boots for your daughter with a tutu skirt. Or maybe that means adding in a (faux) fur vest for you, mamas. Throw on a colorful beanie on one of your little guys. I tend to see a lot of family portraits with the typical standard attire for boys- button up shirt, pants, shoes and a smile with hands in the pockets. Get out of the norm… mix and match dressy with more casual. The more pop of color and/or fun accessories you add in, the better your pictures will turn out!
  5. Plan ahead – Buy/order your outfits and lay it all out to see if it flows. The farther out you plan, the better. You’ll go into your pictures relaxed and not stressing as much the day of.
  6. Get silly – I know this one doesn’t necessarily line up with “how to coordinate family picture outfits”, but this one is key to capturing the perfect family photo. Get silly, interact with one another, tell jokes, let your kids be kids! Sometimes the best pictures are those where your kids are doing their thing, because you get to capture exactly who your kids are. The whole everyone-smile-at-camera thing just doesn’t do it for me anymore.


Outfit Ideas

The idealistic side of me wanted to round up outfit ideas for everyone but it’s just not possible as every family looks different, meaning I would have to post waaaaay too many items. So- here are some “stand out” items I personally love. Hopefully these pieces can be a starting point for you and you can use the ideas above to add on and come up with your own personal touch to your family pictures this year.












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  • Frankie
    November 10, 2017

    Great ideas – i also love the unposed photos of the kids just doing their own thing. Thanks for sharing ?❤️

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