Jude turns ONE!

The littlest dude in our house turned ONE a few weeks ago on March 21, 2017. Crazy.

I officially no longer have a baby in the house and emotionally I’m all over the place about it. Am I happy that we’ll be entering into a new, baby-less season? Yes. Sad that were exiting out of the baby season? Yes. How can those two exist together? lol.

Jude the dude is our little old man (that’s what we call him cause he definitely resembles one). He is currently 100% a mama’s boy and only wants me to hold him. He plays this game where he’ll put his arms out to Trav or Ella as if he wants them to hold him. As soon as he’s in there arms he’ll lunge for me and whine until I take him back. Silly boy! I kind of like it and am going to embrace this stage until I’m no longer his favorite.

I’ll never forget going in for a check up at 38 weeks only to find out that I would meeting him that day. They we’re concerned that if my water were to break, he could potentially be strangled by my umbilical cord because I had an extreme amount of amniotic fluid (and he was basically still doing summersaults, mind you- full term!- in my belly). My husband and both kids were sick so it was not an ideal time whatsoever to have a baby. Seven hours and my easiest labor later, we met baby Jude 🙂

Although he wasn’t planned, he was by God. There is a specific purpose, design, and reason for his life and I can’t wait to watch it unfold. I will be cheering you on all the way, little man!

Now let’s go eat some ice cream!



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Jude turns ONE!