Life Update + New Fall Arrivals

Hi friends! Feel like it’s been a while!

While my husband and I were away last week celebrating our 10 year Anniversary in Hawaii, I had a lot of time to slow down, re think, and dream about what lies ahead for us. I also thought a lot about this space here and the content I create and share with you guys. One of the things I want to get back to doing is sharing more of my heart here on the blog. I do it here and there on Instagram, but I’m going to share a bit more frequently on my blog as I feel like A. I have more room to talk (or write 😉 ) B. I don’t want this to be a landing space just for fashion / sponsored content. I want it to feel a bit more personal and inspiring. I feel like I can be a bit more open and vulnerable with you all on here so that’s what I plan to do.

Anyways- be on the look out because I’ll be sharing a bit more of my life and thoughts and lessons here and there with you guys!

On another note- things are a liiiitle bit crazy around here. It’s always busy, don’t get me wrong. But I think we’ve entered into a new busy this past month and into the next. Here’s a little bit of our timeline… Got back from a week in Hawaii only to celebrate Brooklyn’s fifth birthday the following day, start school, & we sign papers for our house tomorrow (will hopefully have it within a week!), pack up/move out/move in ;), and then get this- we are headed to Cabo for five days on September 9th! I know insane timing, but it’s something that has been in the works for a bit and the timing just so happened to land right in the smack dab middle of our move. My dad has been battling stage 3 prostate cancer and it has been quite the long road for him. While there were so many unknowns, tests, and questions for a while, we recently got news that his levels are currently showing NO sign of cancer (thank you Jesus!!!!). He just finished a round of radiation (chemo isn’t really an option for this specific type of cancer, another blessing in disguise!) and is feeling really good at this point. With everything he has walked through these past 9 months (not to mention he broke/shattered his shoulder the month before he found out he had cancer), we wanted to do a little getaway with him so he could spend some time with my kids. So, we’re headed to Cabo for a little trip!

And on another note, here are a few things I’m loving for Fall… Can’t believe it’s right around the corner!

This button down skirt for under $50

This simple tee is a top seller from UO

I don’t like how they have it styled by this sweatshirt is really cute

I can’t decide whether or not to order this sweatshirt in pink or grey – love both!

All the Vans lovers – check these out!!!

Love this new pair of Madewell jeans – love the chewed hem!

I’ve raved about these boyfriend jeans a lot! Love mine

This leopard cardigan is gonna be a top seller!

This henley comes in three different colors and is a perfect Fall staple – Size up for looser fit

JUST ordered these bow mules!

And this perfect Fall hat thats $50 and comes in tan & grey!

Here’s another under $50 wide brim hat








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Life Update + New Fall Arrivals