10 Random Facts About Us:

  • Trav waited until I turned 16 to start “dating” me (he was 19, I don’t blame him lol)
  • We both have brother’s named “Nathan” which is the reason/meaning behinds Jude’s middle name.
  • We both have a major love for all things sweet. His top picks are donuts and candy. My indulgence is ice cream- all day.every day.
  • When I was in eighth grade (Trav was a sophomore), he pointed me out to his mom in our school’s basketball gym. To this day, he remembers I was wearing a black turtleneck, jeans, and white sneakers 🙂 He can also remember what I was wearing on most of our dates early on in our relationship- we’re talking like 10 years ago- so bizarre!
  • Probably the best fact of them all right here (I’ll try to make this short/simple)… They sold our (already bought/paid for) hotel room on our honeymoon night and we slept in a conference room on a pull out bed #goals – more about this story included in this post where Trav tells the full version.
  • Trav is calm, cool, collected, and rational (except when you give away his hotel room on his honeymoon night) I am loud, crazy, often talk without thinking, and… not rational haha.
  • Trav loves fashion just as much as me.
  • From the beginning, we both agreed on having three kids. Then we had two…. haha. I love them but we (thought) were maxed out. Then Jude came (SURPRISE) and I’m so glad he did!!!
  • Both of our dads are pastors (Christian)
  • Trav’s love languages are physical touch (no brainer) and words of affirmation. Mine are quality time and acts of service (which means we have to work hard at intentionally loving each other 🙂 )


(If you watch The Bachelor, Trav is channeling his inner Nick in that last picture 😉 )



  1. February 14, 2017 / 11:28 am

    Y’all are the most gorgeous couple! Happy Valentine’s Day!!


  2. February 14, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    you guys are so cute! how do you not want to frame every single picture you take together!! there’s so many good ones!

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