The tip to dressing up is something I’m still trying to conquer. Once I think I have it figured it, the fashion trends go and change on me dang-it! I’d say I’m typically dressed up more than underdressed, however, there is a fine line between being “dressed up” and “overdressed”. You want to find yourself in the “dressed up” category. How do you achieve this look? By adding something a little edgy to your outfit… whether it’s a bright hued accessory, a hat, a scarf… something that gives your outfit that “pop” you need to stand out. Mixing and matching different fabrics and feels can also help your outfit feel dressy without going overboard. It will give off a laid back vibe to the “dressier” look you may be trying to achieve. Like I said… I’m still trying to nail it down myself. I had a little fun with this outfit…. Dressy, yet I love how the beanie (yet, might I say I am quite obsessing over and basically pairing with every outfit possible) gives it a laid back vibe……. How are you currently dressing up your fall wardrobe??


Beanie: Forever 21 (similar), Jacket: Forever 21 (similar), Dress: ShopLoveThreads (here), Boots: Forever 21 (here)



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