My Favorite Places to Stroll

The Best Places to Stroll Guide

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is load up the kids and head to a park, whether it be a few minutes away or somewhere downtown (20 minutes or so away) random fact: we actually live on a park, but because it’s so close, we basically live there & our kids get tired of the same ol thing. 

One of the places we frequent often is downtown Sacramento. There are so many cool coffee shops, random alley ways, parks, markets, boutiques… it’s a fun place to visit often as there’s always something new to be seen or do. We love strolling around downtown because it’s an outside activity and anything outside with three kids is a win in my book (I know you mama’s would whole heartedly second that).

We recently learned of the new City Tour Baby Jogger and took Jude for a stroll for the first time a few weeks back. There’s a few things I’m very particular about when it comes to strollers. First is it’s ease in “strolling” you could say. If I feel like I’m getting a workout just by pushing it  around, it’s out for me. The other is it’s ability to be easily stowed away. This stroller wins in both areas. It’s extremely easy to push. In fact, I was walking around drinking/holding coffee in one hand while pushing (easily) with the other. It can also collapse and be worn as a backpack if needed.

What are your favorite stroller routes?Head to for the full Best Places to Stroll Guide.

*For more information on the Baby Jogger City Tour and other Baby Jogger products, visit and share with us using hashtag #HowIStroll*


This post was sponsored by Baby Jogger. All opinions are completely my own.


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  • kristen
    October 17, 2016

    I have total hair envy!! I can’t get over how perfect your hair always is!


    • ellabrooksblog
      October 27, 2016

      ha! well, thank you. I don’t feel like it’s always perfect- but I’ve always got a stash of hairspray somewhere to keep it plump 😉

    October 26, 2016

    Where did you find your shoes? I need those! So cute!!

    • ellabrooksblog
      October 27, 2016

      I got them off of Ebay because they’re sold out everywhere 🙂

    • ellabrooksblog
      November 21, 2016

      Hi Allie! Sorry for the late reply! I got them off of Ebay- they’re sold out almost everywhere so that’s going to be your best bet. They’re called NMD’s.

  • wwics mohali
    February 21, 2017

    Very cute baby, when i reach to my small 2 years daughter forgot whole day stress .

  • Baby Jogger
    October 2, 2017

    Great post. It is very useful information. Thanks for sharing this post.

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My Favorite Places to Stroll