My Husband’s Skincare Routine (Really)

Hello! Travis here, filling in for Melissa today. Melissa got asked to share some
feedback on a few of Kiehl’s top facial moisturizing products and it just so
happened that I have used their product for the last year, so it made since for me
to share my thoughts on the products.

First off, let me share that I have never had any type of facial routine until the
past year. For the past ten years I had a job where I worked outside in the sun
every day. I never wore sunscreen and heard it from Mel EVERY SINGLE DAY! 😉
Mel decided to buy me some of my very own face moisturizer ( Kiehl’s Ultra Face
Cream ) and I instantly noticed why it’s such a popular product. I started putting it
on my face every evening before bed and would wake up in the morning with my
face feeling so smooth. I also on occasion will use it in the mornings before I start
my day if my skin is feeling extra dry. This cream applies on extremely thick which
makes it last so long. It is not greasy at all either, which is something I loved and
one of the main reasons I continue to use it.

So as for the second moisturizer Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream, I
found this to be a much richer product. I haven’t used this one for as long as the
other, but noticed that for me it is better to be used in the evening. It applies on
so smooth and thick. It too, did not seem to be greasy at all which is a must for
me. The jar that this product comes in has a unique way of dispensing the
product which I actually really liked. It dispenses the perfect amount for you to
apply on your face.

I found that you can’t go wrong with either of these products and I plan on using
them forever! That way I can help improve some of these wrinkles on my over
exposed sun face. Shouts to my wifey for turning me onto this product a year ago
and for always lookin out for me 😉 Hope you enjoyed my little interruption of Mel’s blog today and I hope she allows me to soon again!

Love you all and especially you Kiehl’s,


Mel here! I just wanted to leave this link in case you want to pick up any gift sets this Holiday season. They actually have a set for men specifically and this set which includes the facial cream. I’ve also used this lotion on a daily basis for a few years now. I have dry skin and love how thin yet hydrating it is (Read the reviews).

Huge thank you to Bloomingdales for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my (or Travis’) own.


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