New Year, New Goals

2019! (insert surprised face emoji)… I never thought we’d get here 😉 Isn’t it funny how you never think you’re going to get older and times will change and people will change and life will change… and then it just happens?! That’s part of the reason I’m a huge fan of New Years resolutions. It makes us stop to pause and reflect on our past and think about how we can change and better ourselves for the future. I know people are always saying that no one ever sticks to their resolutions but you know what?! How about you be that one that does! You be the change. Prove em wrong! I know I will try every year again and again even if it means I fail every time. I don’t think it’s ever too late or wrong to try something new. It’s all apart of growing in who we are becoming and want to be.

There are a few things tugging on my heart as far as new years resolutions go and I think they all stem from one major change that needs to happen.

I need to slow down.

I need to not push so hard. I need to not feel the need to do and to overdo and to tire myself out completely again and again. It’s a vicious cycle I find myself in having a type A personality ( <—– It’s a blessing and a curse). I can look back and see so many things I’ve accomplished this past year. Goals I’ve achieved, places I’ve traveled, people I’ve met, campaigns I’ve worked on etc. – and I’m honestly so, so proud of it all (if I’m allowed to say that). I don’t know that I would go back and change the amount of hours I’ve put in this past year and the outcome from it all. It’s more so just knowing that the future needs to look different now. I have a peace knowing that the days ahead will most likely look different than the days behind me.

I think everyone’s life is split up in different seasons for different reasons. Sometimes we know why and sometimes we just lead with our gut.This season is going to look a little more calm than my last. It’s going to be about being more intentional with my family over work. It’s going to be about saying no to some work opportunities that in the past I wouldn’t turn down. There might be days or times I won’t be “present” on social media but I will be present with my family.

I asked this question on my Instagram Stories – “What is one thing you want to work on this year??” It amazed me the amount of responses that came in in regards to staying off social media more to be with family. This was a very common answer and I have a feeling a lot more people feel this way and didn’t say it. It has become such a powerful movement in a sense that I think it has unknowingly stolen a lot of time/energy/priceless moments away from people, moms in particular. & I get it. I do it too! Although it’s a little different for me being that my job revolves around being present on social media, I too find myself on my phone a little more than I should. And in fact because it is my job to be on my phone plus I get on it just to veg out, man that’s a lot of daily screen time! This is something I want to work on and want to encourage you to think about too.

Also, this quote.

This is what I want to focus on this year. Celebrating others while still believing in and rooting for myself. Man that can be a hard thing for girls to do! But I’m determined to break that pattern I see within myself. It’s negative, nasty, and nothing good comes from it. When we celebrate others it actually shows more about our character than theirs.

Another reason I chose to ask that question (see above) on my Instagram stories is so that I could share (I will block out the names) what people are struggling with and want to work on in the new year. I wanted to share this with everyone so that women can see that we all struggle. No one has it perfect. That whatever your comparing in your life to another’s is often misleading and not even comparible because we never see the whole picture, especially when it comes to Instagram and following influencers. We show you little snippets of our lives. We show what WE want to show you. Some of us choose to show the crazy, not so fun parts and some of us do not. And even if we do show the crazy, again, you’re still not seeing our whole lives. We’re showing you our version of crazy.

Another line I love from that quote says gratitude turns what we have into more than enough. A million times yes! Gratefulness in our lives changes everything. It changes the way we feel about ourselves, others, our desires, our thoughts. A lot of times all we need is perspective shift to see just how much we have.

And lastly, celebrate progress not perfection. This is true in any area of our lives. Whether you’re setting out to achieve a goal or are wanting to change something about yourself… it all starts with baby steps. Lots of baby steps that will get you to the end goal. Perfection may never be achieved, most of the time is isn’t, but it’s progress we’re looking for. A little bit of progress every day that will get us to where we want to be.

What are some of your goals this year?! I’d love to hear them! It always helps hearing/reading other peoples so that you can apply it to where you’re at in your life journey.

Hope you’ve had a great few first days of 2019!



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