Disclaimer: this weeks #truthfulthursday is one I’m a little (okay a lot) passionate about.
.....WE NEED MORE REALNESS IN THIS WORLD!! We need to stop believing the lie that perfection is a beautiful thing. We need more authenticity. More people to say, look I screwed up & it’s okay. Everything is still alright. Jesus already handled that for us on the cross✨
None of us have it all together and the more that we create this illusion that our lives are perfect, the more that we’re encouraging others to do the same. It’s exhausting! Not to mention a negative life lesson we’re teaching our younger generation. 
I don’t want to teach my daughter that the appearance of having it all together is important. I want to teach her that vulnerability is a strength, your weaknesses can be made strong, your mistakes can be used for good, and there is power and freedom in admitting that sometimes you just messed up🤷🏼‍♀️ I am loving this line in the new song “See A Victory” by @elevationworship .... “You take what the enemy meant for evil and you turn it for good” 👏🏻 Strive to do better, yes! but be okay with acknowledging that you’re human and some days we just don’t get it right. Say it out loud, share it with others, and encourage others to do the same. Your vulnerability can be a gift to those around you!
This is the power of community and healthy living. I truly believe this world of comparison and constant striving for more would come to a halt and people would have more confidence in who they are, when they’re strong & when they’re not🖤 life ain’t perfect. keep it real y’all! 
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Disclaimer: this weeks #truthfulthursday is...

Repeats🖤 $10 tube top, under $50 high waisted jeans (fit TTS), this headband comes in a pack of three for $15, $12 ear crawlers (earrings ;) & this black faux leather coat is GOOD & on sale (also fits TTS) All details linked in my bio🖤 http://liketk.it/2F3x5 @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKunder50

Repeats🖤 $10 tube top, under...

Find someone who lets you be you & doesn’t try to change you. Who trusts you, runs with your crazy ideas, and even pushes those ideas further. Someone who loves you when your broken and sees the greatness within you. Someone who pushes you in life but also let’s you be when you just ain’t feeling it. Someone who loves past the “feeling” of love. Someone you will fight with only to turn around and love them even more the next day. Someone you can look back and say, I’m so glad we fought for that. 
This is so cheesy but I 100% believe this is my husband. Thanks for being my person boo😘

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Find someone who lets you...

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Comfy cozies😍✨ & @walmart from...

#sundayswiththecoles 💕 Back at our weekly wall and we had a great Sunday at church & then out to eat with our family. AND a Forty Niners win! This is rare for us guys... let me celebrate ;)❤️💛❤️✨
Outfit details linked- my bodysuit comes in a few colors and is only $35, I sized up to a US 8. Jeans are on sale for under $100 (size up). Exact belt is linked too. Click the link in my bio 
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#sundayswiththecoles 💕 Back at our...

Date night?? Wedding?? New Years😜✨?? I loooooove this dress & these new white booties too! Both fit TTS. As always, you can shop all of my looks at the link in my bio or by following me on the (free) @liketoknow.it app - search/follow Ellabrooksblog🖤
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Date night?? Wedding?? New Years😜✨??...

Home sweet home (almost) 🖤 We had the best week at @azulbeachresorts in Riviera Maya. But nothing beats picking up Ollie🐶 & sleeping in our own beds👨🏻👩🏼👧🏼👦🏼👦🏼
Ps- my bikini is on sale and I just found my favorite self tanner on sale as well. Also my sunnies are only $11! It’s all linked in my bio!
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Home sweet home (almost) 🖤...

My boys don’t wanna be in pictures ;) & this girl has her poses down💁🏼‍♀️ @azulbeachresorts 
If you’re new around here, I do something called #truthfulthursdays every Thursday where I spill something that’s on my heart or mind. A little real life, behind the scenes, or just some real talk to this sometimes perfectly pictured space on the internet. 
So here it is... it piggy backs exactly what I mentioned above. Real life. There’s really no way to ever truly see what’s happening in real life behind these squares. I can preach real life all day long & share my heart out but the reality is, it just ain’t possible. This goes for everyone. Which brings me to this... kindness. It goes farther than you think. I love this quote I read on Pinterest... “If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each one of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, & care”  Strangely I’ve learned that while being kind benefits those around us, it also brings more joy to MY life. Have you ever noticed that?? Giving to others will always give right back to you. Everyone wins. Be kind, for everyone is facing a battle you know nothing about💕 http://liketk.it/2ESXj @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKtravel

My boys don’t wanna be...

You guys LOVED this coat and I’m happy to report that it’s back in stock (fully stocked) and 40% off! It runs big so I’d recommend sizing down💕 Wearing a size 2. Shop all outfit details at the link in my bio 
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You guys LOVED this coat...

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🌴🌴🌴 My swimsuit is on...

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale TOP PICKS! {Early Access}

ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

The best sale of the year – The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Let’s get strait to it. None of y’all want to hear me chit chat tin away – you are here to SHOP!

Where to start.

This year is GOOD! I spent five hours in the dressing room you guys!…And what you see below is the result of it. I will include sizing details etc. so you don’t have to guess. However, if you are still unsure, buy both sizes. Just do it! I would rather you ultimately get the right size than risk it selling out, because it happens a lot during this sale! The good stuff goes can go quick! And Nordstrom’s return policy is amazing – Free shipping both ways (they include a pre-paid mailer for you to ship back your returns).

As a disclaimer, please disregard any lint, messy dressing room shots, or random objects in all of my pictures below 😉 It was a long and sweaty, but successful day!

Let’s get to it!

First you will see the items I think will sell out quickly- also some of my top favorites! Next you will see MY personal favorites from each category (in Women’s- Men’s & kids are coming next), and then lastly I am sharing my try on session with links/sizing info.

Also- there was some craziness going on while trying to link my outfits (took me like three times as long) so please disregard some of the colors chosen. In other words, don’t judge the item by the color because I wasn’t able to chose unfortunately and I feel like sometimes people disregard items if it’s not the right color. So many things are available in multiple colors so be sure to click on it even if you think that royal blue sweater isn’t your thang 😉



Topshop Long Cardigan – Comes in four different colors. I’m wearing a size 2 (Size down)

BP Open Toe Mules – Only $50 – Come in four different colors. TTS

White Lace Romper – Size up

Madewell High Waist button up Skinny Jeans – Size down

Sherpa Zip Up Jacket – My #1 seller last year! Sold over 600 of them! – TTS

Casual Long Sleeve pocket tee – Comes in six colors – TTS

Pink/Purple Nike Frees – Go up 1/2 Size

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – ALL TIME FAVORITE leggings! Size Up

BLANKNYC Distressed Denim – Size down

Black Zella Leggings – Only $35!!! Love the fit, TTS

Bow Mules – I’m ordering the red/pink. TTS (I tried them on in store in blue)

Marc Fisher Bootie – Comes in four colors, go up 1/2 size





















ROMPER – Size Up


CARDIGAN (Size down)

JEANS (Size down)

TEE (TTS – oversized fit)







NIKES – Go up 1/2 size

THERMAL ($24) – TTS or size up for slouchy fit – comes in a bunch of colors


FREE PEOPLE SWEATER – Size up, comes in a bunch of colors






DRESS ($39) – Size Up (its sooooo pretty in person)


KNOT SWEATER ($31) – TTS or Size up for looser fit


OTK BOOTS ($85!!!) – TTS, come in a few colors




P(LEATHER) JACKET ($64!) – TTS, comes in a few colors



SIMPLE TEE ($11) – TTS, Slouchy fit, comes in a bunch of colors

JEANS ($52) – TTS




FLEECE ZIP UP – TTS , the warmest/coziest sweater you will own



GOOD VIBES TEE ($21) – TTS, oversized fit


aaaaaand once again these MULES that go with everything!


MULES in blush. They also come in nude, black, and red – $50


DUSTER – Size down





STRIPED TEE ($18) – TTS , oversized fit, comes in a ton of colors

JEANS – Size down






NIKES – Go up 1/2 size


FREE PEOPLE THERMAL – TTS, size up for oversized fit





WORKOUT TANK ($24!)  – TTS, Comes in a few colors




BOOTIES – Go up 1/2 size, come in four colors


COMFIEST PAJAMAS EVER! – run a little small

If you have any questions on sizing, feel free to DM me! I’d love to help!


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Important Info
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale TOP PICKS! {Early Access}