11 years married today💕💕💕
Grabbed breakfast, got our nails done ;), massages, painted our first shiplap wall (the true test of marriage...), and now headed to dinner. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s 1000% worth it because it makes today that much more sweeter than the beginning. Love you babe🥂🖤✨🎨
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11 years married today💕💕💕 Grabbed...

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My dress is on sale...

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Classic Mel😉 This cute coat...

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Full look at today’s OOTD🖤...

The perks of working together - “lunch meeting” 😊 #nonottlikethat #likefood #eating

The perks of working together...

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Literally obsessed with this blazer😻...

#sundayswiththecoles 🖤 Can we all take  a second to appreciate that huge genuine grin on Jude’s face😍😍😍 #judemood is feeling life today💃🏼👏🏻✨Ps- had to include our self time fail👌🏻
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#sundayswiththecoles 🖤 Can we all...

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Fresh hair✨✨ thanks to my...

The perks of being the baby...
1. Mom and dad rarely say no
2. You get treated like a baby even when you’re no longer a baby 
3. When you fight with your siblings & everyone gets in trouble- you always win🥇
4. You get away with going barefoot👣 amongst other things because by the last, as long as they’re alive🙌🏻
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The perks of being the...

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☕️ at one of my...

Real Life

I started this blogging journey almost a year ago after much hesitation, worry, & fear of what people would think. What people would think of me and my life as I’m now basically an open book- my life & families life being put on display in many aspects for all to see. If you know me personally, I’m naturally pretty open about most things, but this was taking it to another level. I had a choice to make as I started out on this journey. I could choose to mask certain parts of my life or I could put it all out there hoping it will help or encourage a few along the way. Although I don’t share every thing, I can honestly say that I’ve put effort into sharing stories or struggles that would normally be hard for me to open up about. I’m pretty sarcastic so sometimes I’ll put it out there in a joking form… however, that doesn’t take away the reality of it all.

I started blogging with the intention of sharing my passion for fashion and family, while being sensitive to the fact that sometimes the way my life can appear on the outside is that of perfection or (as often said in the teenage world these days)… goals 😉 … I’m sorry, I have to laugh at myself for a second. Whenever I see someone comment on one of my pictures with that word, I chuckle to myself a little. I don’t know why I find it funny… I know it’s thrown around in a light fashion and partly joking tone, but the meaning behind it is just absurd. Because really people- I am not “goals”. My family is not “goals”. I am and we are exactly like you. I face challenges, deal with insecurities, and often hide and cover up things in my life out of pure self-doubt and uncertainty of what people will think of me if they happen to find out what I truly deal with on a daily basis. I love my life & love my family, but I do not have it all together. I’m trying to figure things out on the daily just like you.

So- on that note… I thought I’d share with y’all a video from this past Sunday. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you know that my husband had the opportunity to share with his dad for Father’s day at our church (my husband is not currently a pastor but his dad heads up our church). I thought this would be a good video to show as he hits a few of my points… a few major struggles we’ve faced together since we’ve been married and what we’ve done to overcome them. On a lighter note, he also shares our infamous honeymoon night story… we still laugh about it today. It’s one of those- is this real life? moments.

Grab some tissues… I’m warning ya 😉



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  • Samantha
    June 25, 2015

    this is great to hear. There are so many blogs out there that portray a perfect life but I think a lot of people want to hear about the crazy things in life that happen to you and your family. Congrats on your almost one year anniversary! I hope to be doing as well as you on mine!

    • Melcali05
      June 29, 2015

      Aw, thank you, Samantha! I think it can be very natural for anyone to want to portray only the good things about your life for many reasons. Thank you for your sweet words!

  • Megan
    June 27, 2015

    Thanks for sharing! I originally found your blog because I have a brooks too, then I loved your style:) Now I enjoy your transparency and heart for Jesus. Your family is precious!

    • Melcali05
      June 29, 2015

      Aw- yeah! I haven’t heard too many Brooks out there but we fell in love with the name 🙂 Thanks for your sweet words!

  • Haley
    July 14, 2015

    I love this post! I’ve been blogging for months but haven’t had the courage to actually “launch” it. Right now, it’s just me using it as a creative outlet that no one sees. Thank you for your vulnerability! It’s crazy how relatable everyone seems with just a little bit of honesty. I love your blog and your real posts 🙂

    • Melcali05
      July 27, 2015

      Aw, thank you so much Haley! Good luck! It takes a lot of hard word & dedication… but it’s a ton of fun!

  • Alexandra
    October 27, 2015

    You weren’t lying when you said to grab some tissues. Listening to your family’s experience with prayer and the vision your husband had reminded me of my own experience. It was really touching. Thank you for sharing. This was a good reminder that I can always ask for help and that God does answer :).

    • Melcali05
      October 29, 2015

      Means so much. Thanks girl! I think the more vulnerable we’re able to be- the more we’re able to help others in the a similar situation. Glad you enjoyed it!

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