Sale, Sale, Sale!

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Sale, Sale, Sale!

…The words every woman loves to hear 😉

Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while… the Shopbop sale just started (3 days only!) and this is one of my favorites of the year. Why?! Because almost everything is 25% off or more! The more you buy, the more you save! If you spend up to $500, you get 25% off your total purchase! If you spend over $500, you get 30% off your total purchase! So if you’ve had your eye on an item and didn’t want to take the plunge… now’s the time! Don’t forget to use the code MAINEVENT16 at checkout to claim this major savings deal!

I’m loving these booties (come in two different colors), these sunnies that will end up being a steal!, these popular rain boots, and these fun sneakers. I’m totally into the sneaker trend right now and want to buy every cute pair I see $$$$$ !

Here’s another extremely popular pair of rain boots that are rarely on sale!

As many of these finds are more high end, now is the time to take advantage of that pricier piece you don’t want to pay full price for… those quality staples that will be perfect for your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Almost every pair of designer denim is on sale (definitely something I like to splurge on!) purses, and any other statement piece you find imperative to add to your closet.

I’m getting these jeans as they’re comfy, casual, and have such good reviews. I think every blogger owns them 🙂

Also- THESE jeans are on sale! I wear them all of the time and have gotten so many questions about them! They’re never on sale and honestly rarely in stock so get them now if you have your eye on them!

And can we check out these for a second??! I mean… what?! By no means am I recommending them. Just trying to figure out why the heck anyone would want to spend that much money on something as, well, original as those 🙂

Back to seriousness- Booties!!!! Be sure to check out this page as there are a ton of great finds to pick from!

Have fun shopping guys! Hope you’re able to score at least 1 or 2 finds for a good deal. Just take the plunge- you know you’ll regret it when it goes back to full price and you didn’t seal the deal 🙂 #beentheredonethat

A few more favorites…






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Sale, Sale, Sale!