Six years. SIX YEARS! we’ve almost made it to the seven year stretch…and then we’re safe, right??  Although we’ve been married for six, we’ve been together for almost eleven years! Now THAT just sounds crazy. Yeah, we “broke up” a few times in between those eleven but we just won’t count those few moments… we were high schoolers (sorta)… you know how it works at that age.Six (eleven) years of love.

I can tell you one thing. LOVE isn’t the ooey gooey feeling, heart beat racing, adrenaline rushing kind. At least for us it isn’t. Sure, we were madly in love with those butterflies & giddy smiles in the beginning, but when that slowly starts to fade away is when the reality of a real relationship begins. We are just like you. We fight, we make up, we argue, we make up, we disagree, we make up. It is and always will be a conscious effort and decision to love one another on purpose. And as crazy as it sounds, I am somehow grateful for “those” moments for they have made us closer and stronger together than ever before.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the kind of person the Lord chose for me. Anyone who knows us will tell you we couldn’t be more opposite. He is everything I’m not & has taught me how to be everything I’m not. Humble, giving, selfless, integrous, compassionate, caring, loyal, tenacious, loving… these are just a few characteristics that describe his amazing & wonderful self.

Thank you babe for loving me through the good, the bad, and the ugly and for being my rock. I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else!
Here’s to forever! XOXO

p.s. I thought I’d take you down memory lane… remember, we’ve been together forever… so some of these pictures might take you back an era or two starting with our very first picture together, my sweet sixteen surprise bday party 😉 somehow the size of my face is three times the size it is now…


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