Did you guys have this mug on your Christmas wish list last year and miss out because it sold out in 2.5 seconds?! I did! I was so, so bummed and secretly wished they would release it again for Christmas this year so I could snatch it up. I was browsing Anthropologie’s website a few days ago and randomly checked to see if it was for sale and there it was! I seriously screamed a little out of excitement (not even exaggerating). I know, all of this over a mug…. BUT, this mug represents a lot of my favorite things… coffee, Christmas, gold, monogram anything & everything, Anthropologie… so, I had to have it. And if you’re like me and have to have it too, now is your chance. If you’re even considering making the purchase, do it now… it might be gone tomorrow. I warned ya 😉
Below is the link to purchase…
Hope y’all are having an amazing Holiday season! Merry Christmas! XOXO



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