Top 19 Sellers from 2019

Can we first & foremost give me a little hand clap for the graphic I “made” above- ha! You guys, don’t ever believe that someone who is as “advanced” as me in the blogging world knows/can do it all. I’ve been blogging for over five years and I don’t even know how to properly put a graphic/collage together. Yep. I mean… I can scrape by (see above), but this took me far too long. Everyone has to start somewhere, right!

Today I’m sharing my top 19 sellers from 2019. A few of them shocked me, but the biggest shock being that almost all of them are Amazon finds! like WHAT! I know you guys love Amazon but this shows me just how much. The price point, free/quick shipping & returns, easy as click and buy…. I get it, because that’s me too! So if I gain any insight from your sales last year, it’s to dive deeper into the Amazon finds- I hear ya and I’m running with it!

We’re going to start our way backwards…

19. It Cosmetics CC Cream – What I wear when I don’t put on a full face of make up. Full coverage, SPF 50, and anti-aging ingredients. I wear the shade “light” which is probably closer to a Medium shade wise. I reach for it probably more than I do my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. Depending on your skin there is an oil free/matte option (for oily skin) as well as an illumination cream (for very dry skin). I prefer the middle of the ground (for combo/normal skin). It leaves my skin a little bit dewy, just how I like it.

18. Adidas Ultraboost. Hands down my favorite work out shoe. Extremely comfortable, light, easy to run/work out in and they are cute – so win all around! Go down 1/2 size.

17. Pom Pom Swimsuit Cover up

16. Oversized Square Sunglasses – Amazon top seller. These are under $15 and are so good if you love oversized sunglasses. I have owned both the black and tortoise pair- I prefer the tortoise.

15. Work Out Tanks – Another Amazon find. These come in a pack of three and are my favorite because they have a lower arm hole (I personally love this style) and are longer. I love the fit! They are def oversized – if you are shorter I would recommend sizing down. If you’re taller, stay true to size for oversized fit.

14. Leopard Tee – Amazon again! A causal leopard tee that won’t break the bank at under $20. Fits true to size for oversized fit.

13. Button up bodysuit – Amazon… again! I LOVE the fit of this one. I often find bodysuits to be uncomfortable but this one doesn’t ride up. It fits true to size and comes in multiple colors.

12. Pearl Hair Clips pack

11. Faux Fur Jacket – Only a few sizes left

10. Graphic Sweatshirt – This under $20 graphic sweatshirt from Amazon was a popular one. I sized up for a more oversized fit

9. These leggings – These Amazon leggings are a Lululemon dupe and while they don’t fit exactly like Lululemon, they are going to give you the same look and are in fact flattering for the price. Under $30, fit true to size (I wear a Small), and come in multiple colors. A few colors I love… Cuban Orchid, Dawn Pink, Classic Black, and Silver Berry.

8. Satin Pajama Set – I LOVE these pjs! Again another Amazon find, under $30 and come in multiple colors although my personal favorite is the champagne. They are extremely comfortable too (not too short in my opinion and I’m taller).

7. This coat – Oh this coat 🙂 You guys went crazy over it! It is now completely sold out, however I did find a look alike that I grabbed and will be sharing in my stories soon. The only difference is this one has a front tie. It runs really big so I’d recommend sizing down.

6. Strapless Tie Knot Swimsuit – Another favorite of mine for the price. I have it in both white and neon green. It is SO cute, and chic. If you are larger busted this might not work for you. Get your true size. & yes it is padded!

5. High waisted jeggings/jeans – These were a hit for a reason. Although the ones I’m linking are this years version, they are the exact same jeans with just a different version of distress in the knee. They are high waisted, extremely flattering, and amazing for the price. Fit true to size. Same jeans, just distress in one knee. I might order these!

4. Oversized Sunglasses – Another popular Amazon pair. These are EVERYWHERE and are a Gucci knock off.

3. Off the shoulder sweater – I sized up in this one. Comes in multiple colors.

2. Tie Dress – I love love this dress. But if you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll remember there was a little bit of a drama surrounding it. Amazon hosts third party sellers and unfortunately one of the sellers was selling a knock of version of the one I received (not see thru) and a lot of you received the lesser version. If you got/get the right one (which I have in both white and dark blue) – you will love this dress. It can be worn casually, dressed up with a sandal heel etc. – so cute! Size up!

1. Black Jumpsuit – The #1 seller of 2019! This popular jumpsuit is versatile, so chic, so classic, I could go on and on. It works for all ages and body types which is why I think it’s such a big hit. If you don’t have it yet – add to your cart! Fits true to size- I wear a Small.


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Top 19 Sellers from 2019