Top Skincare Products to get that “GLOW”

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Tula skincare products. I’ve written a few blog posts here and here and have shared them multiple times on my stories. What I love is how many of you now love their skincare, too. I’m able to see the backend of how many purchases are made when I share things and let’s just say you guys are definitely fans!

A quick recap of Tula products… Probiotics is the foundation of their skincare products. This helps lock in moisture which leaves your skin hydrated and reduces the appearance of inflammation. Their products are 100% free from phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrolatum, gluten, and mineral oil. They are also cruelty free.

I’ve been using Tula for about two years now. There are a ton of great skincare brands out there and really it’s finding what works best for you and your skin. Doing what I do I get to try various products and I can confidently say that I have yet to find a skincare brand that matches Tula when it comes to Hydration and giving you that dewey, “glow” look, and that’s what I’m ALL about. I preach glowy skin all of the time…. skincare, make up… I just love a good glow! It gives off such a youthful appearance and makes a huge difference in your overall look.

A few of my favorite products to achieve this look are included in Tula’s newly launched “glow” kit. It includes:

  1. (2) Major Glow Cooling & Brightening Hydrogel Mask
  2. Full Size Purifying Cleanser (Best cleanser I’ve ever used!)
  3. Illuminating Serum
  4. Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm (Sold out individually and currently only available in this kit)
  5. Limited Edition Cosmetic Bag

If you were to buy each of these products individually, you would pay $154. However, this kit retails for $88 PLUS you can get use my code (always active) ELLABROOKS20 to receive an additional 20% off making it $70 total for all five products!

There isn’t one product included in this kit that I wouldn’t recommend. I use them all regularly within my skincare routine and know you will love adding them to yours if you’re looking for products that will make your skin rejuvenated, hydrated, and give off a glow!

And lastly, they JUST launched their Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. It’s packed with all natural ingredients like sugar, a natural exfoliant that dissolves in water, as well as papaya and pineapple (smells SO good) which contain naturally occurring enzymes that exfoliate your skin leaving your skin smoother and brighter!

Okay lastly lasty 😉 I have to mention this product because I feel like it’s their most under-rated / talked about product and it’s hands down one of my favorites! (which is probably why it’s currently sold out) – this kefir oil is SO hydrating and cleans all of your make up off. So I double cleanse when I wear make up- I first use this oil to wash my make up off and then use the cleanser to wash my actual face. Best combo I’ve found! Be sure to sign up for when it’s restocked- you’ll love it!

Huge thank you to Tula for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are completely my own.


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