Valentines Day Gift Ideas- For HIM

Alright ya’ll… here it is. A gift guide for HIM! Most of these are hand chosen (more like web searched 😉 Sorry I had to… ) by my husband himself because he has great taste when it comes to Men’s fashion finds. I asked him to share some items on both the cheaper and not so cheaper side. I’ve broken it up by price category. I’m also going to be sharing a Valentine’s Gift Guide for HER in the next couple of days so be on the look out for that. If there’s anything specific you have in mind that you’re looking for, please DM me! I’ll keep my eye out and try to share it in my post! Then it will be as simple as copying/pasting the link to my blog post and sending it to your boyfriend, husband, significant other to do a little shopping 🙂

This brand has really been making a comeback. In both the mens & women’s fashion world.

If your man travels a lot, this is a great carry on bag. My husband also uses it as a gym bag on the daily.

Can’t ever go wrong with joggers. These are some of my husband’s go-to.

You could go with a cheaper wallet, or a more well made one.

My husbands new favorite cologne.

This is personally one of my favorite watches for men.

These sneakers are currently on sale and while I don’t think they’re very cool, my husband thinks they are soooooo I’m sharing them cause he says he knows more about Men’s fashion than me. He’s probably right.

Love this simple Nike shirt. And it’s only $35.

With Patagonia being so big right now, this hat is perfect for $29. My husband has it!




OVER $50



I’d love to know what you snagged for your man! Comment below if you grab something XO








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Valentines Day Gift Ideas- For HIM