Valentines Day Wish List

I’m a little late to the game here but I thought I’d throw up a few things I would personally love to receive for Valentines Day OR include a few things I personally own and love in case you are needing to throw a few hints your boyfriend/husbands way! For Valentines day, I prefer to receive something other than typical everyday clothing. Something a little outside the box, feminine, or personal.

I’ve had my eye on this charm necklace.

I own this necklace and love that they give you the option to create your own. There are a ton of different charms to choose from so you can personalize it to your taste!

Check out this list of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for Her.

When my husband and I were dating (we dated for about five years), he started this tradition where he would give me running/workout shoes for Valentines day. It kind of just happened and then he continued the tradition. Kind of different, but I always knew I would get a cute pair of workout shoes for V-day. Plus I can trust him. He has great taste when it comes to the athleisure world! I just recently bought a few new pairs of workout shoes but these are cute and so are these and these.

I recently received this perfume as a gift from Ralph Lauren and my initial reaction was GROSS-  smells like an old lady scent. BUT- I wore it a few times and wouldn’t you know, now I’m obsessed! I wear it over my (prior) go-to  every day! I’m one of those people that doesn’t like having a million difference perfumes. I usually stick to the same one and wear it every day. So if you’re on the hunt for a new scent, I highly suggest this one by Ralph Lauren!

I just ordered these fun earrings and they’re only $19! So so cute!


What to wear for Vday?

I ordered this dress a few days ago to wear for Valentine’s Day


Need gift ideas to show HIM?






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Valentines Day Gift Ideas- For HIM
Valentines Day Wish List