Walmart Does It Again

As a lot of you have probably seen by now, Walmart has stepped up their fashion game big time from Kids to Womens and even some super cute home finds, too!

And then there’s the Ellen Degeneres line. This is a line/collaboration specifically to Walmart and every piece is $40 and under. Functional, bright, fun, and honestly really well made too! The joggers/sweat suit I’m wearing below is very well made for the price, I was shocked! So if you’re considering buying it, it’s definitely worth the $40 total for the set. Or, if you’d rather just grab the joggers, they come in a few different color options- highly recommend! Everything fits true to size, I’m wearing a S on both top/bottom.

Also love this neon green sweatshirt on sale for $11, and these rainbow leggings on sale for $8. Yes!

I love Ellen’s mission in life to unite us all as one, to always have eachother’s back, and to stand up for the often less seen. I’ve always been a huge Ellen Degeneres fan!

Check out this new Womens line at Walmart too- they’ve got some cute stuff! Camo, leopard, off shoulder, flowy dresses, etc.

This page also features the trending/new Women’s items…

Huge thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.


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Walmart Does It Again