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Why I love being a boy mom

Boys- a noise with dirt on it.

I’ve read this saying/quote a few times and it rings so true! Having a daughter first, I wasn’t used to the “loud” that comes with having a boy. They’re loud, rambunctious, and WILD. Jude (my youngest) is getting to the age now where he’s able to wrestle and play chase/hide-and-go seek with my oldest son Brooklyn. It’s non stop guys, non stop ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to remind myself to calm down and let it be when I sense myself getting annoyed or stressed by all of the noise and constant moving. I think someone is running past me about every five minutes of every day! But there are SO many things I love about being a boy mom…

  1. They want to be held, cuddled, or nurtured. I think it’s just apart of all boys’ DNA. Physical touch is huge for them! My daughter was never this way but both of my boys love to sit on our laps, cuddle with us, or sit right next to us and make sure at least one part of their body is touching us ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. They just have a way with mama’s heart. It’s true, I’m harder on my daughter than I am my boys. I don’t know what it is, but my boys just tug at my heart strings.
  3. They’re undeniably them. They just can’t help making fart noises, wrestling all the live long day, and screaming at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason.

One of the things we do almost daily to get the boy wiggles out is get outside! We have a loop in our neighborhood that we’ve recently been walking a lot. So whether that means the boys grab their scooters and ride around the block or dress up as cows (see below) and run up and down the street, they’re living their best, wild boy life and loving every fast paced second of it outside ( <— key word there).

They also LOVE chocolate milk (Trumoo specifically) and I love the beneficial roles it plays for their little bodies. Did you know Trumoo chocolate milk is a great post workout beverage? Even my husband will buy it and drink it specifically for this purpose/reason. It’s a great choice for replacing lost fluids, replenishing tired muscles, and helping regain energy. There are many articles that support this notion including being talked about in Men’s Journal, a highly credible source. It also contains many nutrients that are hard to match in just a few food groups. Also, as a mom, I know that sugar content plays a major role in what we decide to feed our children. Studies have shown that flavored milk contributes about 4% of added sugars to the diets of children ages 2 to 18, while soft drinks and non carbonated beverages account for 40% of the added sugars. With that said, the small amount of added sugars in flavored milks is a worthwhile trade off for the number of nutrients found in milk.

Let your little ones fuel up on Trumoo chocolate milk so they can play hard and feel good too!

Thank you to Trumoo for sponsoring this post. All opinions are completely my own.ย 



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Why I love being a boy mom